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I have decrypted and dumped @secunet_AG's "SINA" cryptographic filesystem (CFS) that is contained in the @gematik1 "Telematik Infrastructure" (TI) connectors, by dumping the CCID Smart Card readers' serial number and replaying the chip card communications. 🥳

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Neulich habe ich ein Video über Homöopathie angeteased. Hier die ersten 2 min.

Ich hoffe ihr habt Lust.

линцское пиво
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Irgendwie hat die Werbeagentur fürs da was nicht mit bedacht.

на здоровье!

US 'ready to provide support' to Europe after Nord Stream gas pipeline leaks: official

Kyiv says Nord Stream gas pipeline leaks a 'terrorist attack' by Moscow

Underwater 'blasts' recorded prior to Nord Stream pipeline leaks: Swedish seismic institute

North Stream 1 und 2 haben ein "Gasleck" - Die Russen wissen wohl einfach nicht mehr wohin mit dem ganzen Gas
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Se video og fotos af gaslækagerne på Nord Stream 1 og 2-gasledningerne i Østersøen på forsvaret.dk: bit.ly/3fokl2v

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ATLAS observations of the DART spacecraft impact at Didymos!

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The weirdest flight ever.
These sounds started over the intercom before takeoff and continued throughout the flight.
They couldn’t stop it, and after landing still had no idea what it was.

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former head of russia’s aviation research institute died yesterday after ‘accidental’ fall
(14th 'accidental' death in the kremlin’s inner circle this year, if you're counting)

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russian airports in chaos this week
draft age men getting the hell out of there

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has released an official statement claiming that it has never supplied weapons to and has no such plans.

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Alexei Milchakov from the nazi Rusich group provides a guide on how to NOT take Ukrainian soldiers into capture, suggesting interrogating them first and then shooting without giving them a chance to survive, and selling burial location to relatives.


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